I am sure you can agree 2021 was another challenging year full of ups, downs and unknowns. Talk Shop continues to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic – which makes effective communication skills even more pivotal.

One of my initiatives this year is to build awareness of my mission:  “Developing today’s students to communicate clearly and confidently regardless of the situation or setting.”  I truly enjoy delivering dynamic real-world experiences that build confidence and leadership. As I continue to strive to share my vision with high school and college students everywhere, I could use your help. It takes a village to build a business from scratch and getting the word out is instrumental. I am hopeful you will share this post with your circle of connections.  
Students who develop strong communication habits now will have the skills they truly need…and the skills that make a real difference!
I truly appreciate your support.
With gratitude,

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