For Educators, PTSA boards, directors of youth based non profits and any stakeholder who oversees the development of today’s students…Oh yeah…and parents too!:

Ask yourself this question: do you feel confident in your student’s ability to be clear, concise and confident communicators? (and I mean really share a clear conversation regardless of the situation and setting??) Or does the thought of face-to-face conversation make them a tad uneasy? If its the latter, don’t worry, you’re NOT alone. Whether it’s making small talk or resolving conflict, this skill needs to be developed.  Most students today view tech platforms quicker and far more “user-friendly” to communicate.  What do we know that they don’t? That this instant gratification comes at a price that we guarantee they won’t want to pay down the line.

Let’s be clear: your students won’t become fluent in any facet of their life if they rely solely on social media. The fact is, genuine human connection is the key to personal and professional success. The ability to build relationships with key contacts relies heavily on their ability to connect with others on a real level. Countless research has demonstrated that todays students often have ineffective interpersonal communication patterns – Does that affect you? Pretty strong chance it does!  If it doesn’t, it should!  Your students are growing up while developing their social skills online. With devices with them every waking hour, their goal is to go digital while staying ever-so-connected. To put it into their world, “texts and snapchats simply won’t cut it, you need real, tangible communication skills in order flourish now and later in life.

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