Today we are living in the “digital disruption era.” Technology has provided us with unprecedented advances, information, instant access, and entertainment. As convenient as all the tech advances make our lives, they also have changed the way we communicate and have led to a dramatic decline in our “people skills.”

The scale has been tipping to high tech and low touch for years now. As a result, real tangible conversational skills have been fading and need to be restored now more than ever.
I’m a parent…do you see what I see?  I often see teens with their heads down and staring at their screens.
Do you feel like I do? That too many people (teens, young adults and parents too) live in a screen driven world. Where has small talk gone? Where has the art of sharing a two-way conversation gone? (talking AND listening)
Whether its small talk (ex: meeting someone for the first time) or a having a difficult conversation you know you should have, there is a real apprehension around having live conversations, over the phone or in person.

Those who understand that human connectedness is the most important part of any experience will flourish. Personally, and professionally, success is about creating and building human connections. Conversations are the foundations of these connections.
Technological advancements are critical to many businesses staying relevant, I get it… However, technology by itself is not a differentiator. The more you place technology between people, the more you remove the human experience. For anyone to thrive in the future, they will have to master the art of relationship building. Since technological advancements have come at the expense of human connections, people now need to reinvent their way of life in a way. Finding the balance of digital and human experiences in the best way possible.

What Is Talk Shop?
Talk Shop is designed to solely develop life skills for today’s students, so they become clear and confident communicators, regardless of the situation or setting. Collaborative workshops for high school AND college students to support them being prepared for the game of life.
Talk Shop is about building a culture that recognizes the importance of developing these valuable skills that students can put into action right now but also serve them well for the rest of their lives. The ability to communicate effectively is the biggest differentiator you can have. In school, in relationships, as part of a job search and much more. Conversations are at the center of all we do. Are your students prepared?

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Kay Stout · May 4, 2021 at 1:27 pm

I have teenaged grandchildren. Interestingly, when they’re involved in a sport I see them talking with their teammates. Once the game is over – the cell phones come out – – heads go down – – no more talking. At the end of the day, how well you verbally communicate has a profound affect on your career, job interview and relationships.

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