There are new businesses that start every week.  Some people launch a new venture to capitalize on a business idea, others for wealth creation and there are those that want to have the freedom that business owners get to make their own decisions.  For me, starting Talk Shop is a combination of all of the above but for me its more… it is personal.

As a dedicated father to two boys with uniquely individual communication styles, It was clear that they are my case studies and I wanted to find a way bridge the “life skill” gap for all kids in the 14-24 age range to help them develop the way they communicate face-to-face.

Talk Shop is the culmination of not only me being a parent, but also a (former) youth sports coach, a College/University guest lecturer, a career coach, business development executive for two F500 firms, a volunteer mentor at my local high school, a long tenured public address announcer and a connoisseur of freshly baked homemade cookies.  (just checking to see if you are paying attention!)

Talk Shop has been in the making for years.  I’ve extracted the countless real world life lessons I’ve gained in business from some very sharp minds, combined it with what I’ve learned from having to engage in many positive and unpleasant conversations of my own (both in my personal and professional life) and what I’ve learned from them.  I’ve paired it with my deep rooted goal of developing kids, just like my own, to be better communicators.  I think we can all agree that the world could benefit from having our youth communicate with clarity and impact, face-to-face.  To develop their ability to articulate their message, to promote their unique brand, whether it be in the classroom, their family life, their social circles and needless to say, to get college and career ready!

Its pivotal and it needs to happen, today.  Are your students ready to Talk Shop?




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