Another way to bring TalkShop into your community is through a travel/select sports team (great for personal & leadership development) for young men and women. Great team building activity for any boys and girls teams.

Matt brings his sports industry insight into the workshops that cover a pivotal process that is crucial in developing the skills all students will need now and in the near future.

The workshops are designed to develop essential communication skills student athlete’s can put into action to improve the way they communicate. Building good habits to not only improve their athletic lives, academic lives but also within their family sphere, in their relationships and to ultimately get them career ready! Workshops clearly guide them on how but also why this skill set is so important.

Whether you take part in TalkShop once or multiple times, the
minimum number of student participants is 20 and the maximum number of students per workshop is 50. Please contact us today for our straightforward fee scale
information as well as funding ideas.

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