We are all experiencing a unique time in history, no doubt about it. We are also searching to create a new sense of normalcy as well. All workshops have the same end goal: Developing clear and confident communicators regardless of the setting and situation.

To that end, Talk Shop’s programs are now available online!

First Impressions

Our highly collaborative high school workshops are a great way to keep your students engaged, while also adding pivotal life skills to their new daily routines.

In our group workshops, all our foundational elements are covered, including:

  • How to be understood and how to understand others
  • The 3 C’s of effective communication (Clear, Concise and Confident)Why it’s important to have more face-to-face conversations across all settings
  • How to have hard and difficult conversations with others

“First Impressions” is designed specifically to support the growth of these crucial life skills. Not only to boost academic results, but to also improve the way students communicate within their family sphere, within their social circles, and of course to be ready for whatever life throws their way!

Workshops can accommodate up to 50 participants each, and typically last 60 minutes.


Lasting Impressions

Career readiness for college students, typically delivered one-on-one, but also available for group workshops too!  Our focus is on how to articulate your brand (or how to create your brand if you don’t one), how to start to network, how to leverage your network if you have one, and how to present your unique “story” when given the opportunity.

This course is also available online, accessible anytime!