Is there a skill more important than the ability to effectively communicate?

Talk Shop programs develop the pivotal life skills of how to communicate clearly, concisely, and confidently, regardless of the situation and setting.

Not only to improve the academic lives of students. but also to improve the way they communicate within their family sphere, personal relationships, and of course, to become truly career ready.

In partnership with
Whetstone School Consulting...

Talk Shop programs are great for Student Leadership, “Captains Council” (captains of all boys and girls sports, and of course, the entire student body!

  • Highly interactive 60-90 minute workshops, where students will work on communication issues and concerns that are real to them, collaborate as a group, and walk away with tools they can implement right away
  • Students will develop the 3 C’s of becoming a better communicator (clear, concise, and confident)
  • Students will understand the importance that listening has in every conversation – being understood and understanding others
  • Students will learn how to advocate for themselves with clarity
  • Students will learn how to have a hard/difficult conversation.
  • Students will learn the impact it will have if they adjust the way they currently communicate
  • Students will learn the do’s and don’ts of communicating over social media
  • They will understand how these key skills will make a difference in their lives

Fee Scale:  $125 per student

Registration:  Group workshops are between 10-20 students at a time, allowing all their voices to be heard, and for maximum collaboration.

Contact Matt at matt@talkshop.company to register your group workshops