Are you looking to restore the lost art of Face-to-Face interpersonal communications?

In a world of never-ending screen time, texting, apps and social media, it’s a lost art to talk with someone face-to-face. When you don’t communicate face-to-face intent is lost, spirit and tone are gone and miscommunication occurs (which can easily be alleviated).

There’s so much to gain and so much to lose if you don’t have real face-to-face conversations, regardless of the topic.  Click here for supporting research.

Our live workshop series is geared specifically to support the growth of interpersonal communications with the focus on fixing the underlying causes rather than treating the symptoms.

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Listen to Learn – Matt Crevin at TEDxUofW


TalkShop Cornerstones

If you want to be a better communicator, it’s better to have big ears and a small mouth.
Listen first to understand, then communicate next to be understood!

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Learning’s are only magical if you do something with them (take action and implement)

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Talk is cheap, communicating with clarity and confidence is priceless!
Key objectives throughout the workshops are: clarity and confidence through effective

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