About Me

Welcome to Talk Shop! Please read on for more details about my inspiration for the workshop and my extensive experience as a mentor and coach.

The Evolution of Talk Shop

Of all my life and work experiences, the most important role I’ve had is as a father to my two boys. Supporting them on their journey from childhood to young adulthood has been my top priority. They’ve been my motivators and case studies for the creation of Talk Shop, a workshop designed to help young people learn to communicate effectively and confidently in any setting.

As the world becomes increasingly screen-driven, it is crucial for young people to learn the importance of effective communication. My goal is to help students understand why developing these skills matters now more than ever.

My Background

My diverse life experiences have taught me the importance of effective communication, which I continue to leverage to help young people learn to present themselves clearly and confidently in all areas of their lives.

A few years ago, I became involved in the Issaquah School Foundation’s Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education (VOICE) program in Washington State, where I mentored students on a one-to-one basis in the SEL (Social/Emotional/Learning) realm. This volunteer work helped me envision a way to use my real-world knowledge and mentoring skills to support young people in meaningful and fulfilling ways. From there, Talk Shop was born.

In the recent past, I ran Voice of the Box, a career consulting business designed to help college students develop networking and personal branding skills. I’ve delivered guest lectures at colleges and universities across the country on how to prepare for and execute a job search, hosted my own radio show, and wrote a book called “Get in the Game,” which provides strategies for pursuing a career in sports. I’ve spent eight years as a youth sports coach and have announced 300 NFL games (and counting).

Some of my other experiences that required good communication skills include playing rugby in five countries, living on a sheep farm in New Zealand, and attending the Manchester United Soccer Academy, where I had an Irish roommate who spoke with such a thick accent that good listening and communication skills were a must!

Why Effective Communication Skills Matter?

It’s not just about how to communicate effectively but why it’s important. I’m passionate about creating positive change in a fun and engaging way so that students can emerge “life-ready” from the workshop. Since any interaction a young person has is an opportunity to showcase their character and brand, my goal is to give them the tools to communicate effectively in any situation. A career-building discussion can happen at any time, so being ready to leave a good impression will be key to success.

At the beginning of each workshop I ask, “Would you like to have a job someday?” and “What are the skills you’ll need to get that job?” After our initial discussion, I break down communication techniques into easily actionable steps that students can immediately incorporate into their lives (i.e., insight into action). Students learn the importance of building good communication skills that will help them at home, at school, and in their relationships. Coaching on career readiness and job search strategies is another key objective of the workshop.

The insight I share can’t be gained by reading a book, downloading an app, or surfing the web. My background is unique and diverse, including work in the sports industry, two Fortune 500 companies, personalized coaching, and public speaking. By far, however, my most useful and relevant experience has come from being a father, where I’ve witnessed firsthand the gap in the ways kids communicate (or don’t communicate).

Working directly with students to develop real-world skills is my passion, and my goal with Talk Shop is to continuously share my life and business experiences with young people who need support.

Workshop Outline

Workshops can accommodate up to 25 over zoom or up to 50 +/- participants in person (for maximum collaboration) and typically last 60 minutes.

I also offer private 1:1 sessions for students where group settings are not a good fit

All the foundational elements are covered, including:

-The 3 C’s of effective communication (clear, concise and confident) and how to apply it!

-Why it’s important to have more face-to-face conversation across all settings.  What’s at stake (and how it alleviates misunderstandings)

-How being understood and understanding others is vital!  (listening)

-How to have hard, challenging, or difficult conversations with others.

-Pros and Cons of communicating over social media.

-Building the foundation of sharing your 30-60 second pitch with clarity and confidence.


The workshops are highly interactive, and the participants collaborate during the session on (communication) issues that are real to them, work on those issues/concerns during the workshop {the group collaboration is where the true learning occurs} and leave with immediately usable tools to put into action right away.

The ultimate goal is to have today’s youth build and sustain healthy communication habits and empower them to have more face-to-face conversations now and for the rest of their lives.

So…would you like to help your student become “life-ready”?

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