For Youth Groups and Non-Profits:

Is your youth group or non-profit geared to help students get college or career ready?  If so, you’re in the right place!

Our 3-part TalkShops™ leads high schoolers and college students, through the ultimate “workshop of talk”, if you will… we will effectively teach them how to express themselves to communicate clearly and coherently, and how to appreciate the art of listening and receiving constructive criticism. They’ll learn to navigate a variety of interpersonal interactions, from managing conflict, to calmly expressing their feelings when emotions run high, to soliciting feedback from peers, coaches, teachers and parents.  What about being prepared for college or the work world?  That’s why we are here!  Our workshops are geared to work with the 15-24 demographic to give them the skills to get college and or career ready.

Many youth groups are piloting TalkShops to their group of youth leaders first, and then rolling it out to all youth group members.

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