M.Crevin - Thank you letter



I was so pleased I could join and watch last night.
I was so impressed by your workshop. You really meet the kids at their level and keep it engaging even when that’s challenging. You ACTUALLY got them talking — and to hear what they had to say was really incredible. Great job!

Temple De Hirsch Sinai Talk Shop testimonial

Alameda BGC Talk Shop testimonial

I secured Matt to deliver a (pre) career fair workshop for Menlo College students. I sat in on the workshop and witnessed firsthand his dedication in developing key skills in today’s students. Matt’s workshop was very interactive and he got the students to engage and collaborate. Our students need the pivotal life skills of how to communicate clearly, concisely and confidently, especially as they embark on a job search. I was impressed at how you were able to get the students talking — well done! Not easy over Zoom. I highly recommend Matt!

“We loved working with Matt Crevin from TalkShop. Matt has served as the opening speaker for our week long virtual camp for high school students. His energy and message was great for our students and really helped break the ice. The awesome content he provided contained relevant lessons for our students and helped set the tone for the week of camp.”

Student and Parent Testimonials

“Are you ready to start networking, but don’t know how? Do you know how to leverage your existing network? Do you feel ready and prepared for networking conversations? Do you feel you are prepared for interviews? Now is a great time to invest a little in yourself for the long term. I want to make you aware of highly customized 1:1 career coaching with Matt Crevin, Founder of Talk Shop. How do I know this? Because I recently worked with Matt as part of my career search process and I’m glad I did.

His combination of real world business experience with practical and pivotal guidance was a huge help. Matt helped me prep BEFORE I started networking, offered techniques around how to position myself with anyone when I get the chance to talk live. How to create a sequence of communications that will help differentiate myself. Now is a great time to invest in yourself! I’m glad I did!

N.B. – College Senior


“I’ve known Matt since we were 16, so I’m qualified to speak to his character. Through high school, college, and now in adult life, Matt consistently displays the highest integrity in everything he does. Whether announcing 49er games, delivering presentations in the corporate business world, working as career coach, and most importantly as a parent of two boys. Matt’s highly customized career coaching is exactly what parents AND students need right now. The ability for today’s youth to articulate who they are, to share their unique story, vision and value to a potential employer is key! For them to clearly and confidently communicate face to face, in all facets of their lives is important now more than ever. Now is the perfect time for students to productively use this unique time to develop pivotal life skills that will support them getting ahead, the right way.

L . Davis – parent of high school junior


“As a mom and independent college counselor I find it extremely important for students to be able to communicate their beliefs and ideas face to face. Matt provided a one hour work shop for my daughter and her friends about how to have a difficult conversation and the importance of having those conversations face to face and not on their devices. I can also see how TalkShop would be valuable for college students entering a difficult job market in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that young adults could use some coaching in the area of face to face conversations, interviewing skills and negotiations. I highly recommend Talkshop for one-on-one coaching or workshops for larger group.
Maggie Hunkins – Academic Pathways Consulting, LLC