Teens today face many obstacles and challenges and parents want to discover how to unlock their child’s greatest potential.  And before I go any further, I want to let you know I am a parent of two teens myself!
As parents we want only the best for our kids but anyone who has parented or is currently parenting teens, knows full well there are challenges along the way.
Many parents see that their teens struggle with effective communication skills.

❎ Using as few words as possible when they speak.

❎ Thinking they can rely only on text, DM or social media to communicate.

❎ Not seeing the long-term value of how effective communication skills will help them dramatically.

❎ Having a lack of practical experience sharing “real” conversations.

❎ Not understanding they need to communicate clearly and confidently with coaches, tutors, to build relationships, with college admissions officers, in interviews and more!

There are many factors that contribute to this common issue.

Confidence is one issue preventing students to communicate effectively, regardless of the situation or setting.  Confidence comes from practice and practicing good communication habits now will set them up for success.  Implementing these pivotal skills NOW will be a true differentiator in the near and long term!

We all want our kids to be confident and successful right?

The techniques that I use as a communication coach are designed to develop teenagers to build confidence and motivation.  Having them understand what’s at stake, why it’s important and how to develop clear and confident communication skills, regardless of the situation or setting.

The benefits of communicating with confidence are endless.   Confidence creates motivation.

When a teen is confident, they are motivated to perform better in all facets of their life; in school, sports, and extracurricular activities to name a few.

If you are ready to invest in your child’s communication skills, let’s set a time to talk about my group and private workshops so your student can start the journey to developing key life skills.

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