Are you searching for something a little different than the ordinary FUNDRASING EVENT?  What about offering a dynamic experience for your high school students?   Would having an event that raised money for your organization AND offered valuable life skills be a fit?

Talk Shop will donate a percentage from every student registration directly to your organization!


Many students could benefit from refining and improving the way they communicate!   I think we can all agree that communication is everything!   In every interaction we have it’s not what you communicate but how you communicate it that makes all the difference.   Developing effective communication skills at home, in school, with college admissions officers, in relationships and in interviews.  There is no better way to differentiate yourself than to be able to sustain clear and confident conversations, regardless of the situation or setting.

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And for those who have students who are on a job search, here is a great on on demand resource!   The focus is on how to articulate your brand (or how to create your brand if you don’t one), how to start to network, how to leverage your network if you have one, and how to present your unique “story” when given the opportunity.

This course is also available online, accessible anytime!


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