One of the positives during this Covid time period, is that it has allowed me to think, innovate and create.  I’m excited to launch new programs that will compliment the existing Talk Shop lineup.

“First Impressions”, which is geared for high school students is currently being offered virtually (for now) in small group workshop format.  Developing clear and confident conversations regardless of the situation and setting in a highly collaborative workshop.  Designed not only to improve students’ academic lives but also their family lives and personal relationships.  Please reach out to me direct to learn more about how this program benefits high school students and pricing options.

I’m really excited to offer a new online program:

“Lasting Impressions”  

The program is available here:  https://mattcrevin.podia.com/lasting-impression-how-articulating-your-personal-brand-with-clarity-and-confidence-is-pivotal-to-getting-the-job

It is geared specifically for college students on how to create and protect your personal brand.  (think; career readiness!)  We are all our own brand and supporting this pivotal skill as it relates to networking, interviewing and sharing your “unique story”  is paramount to landing a job.  Knowing how to articulate your personal brand with clarity and confidence is the key!

I am also teaching a series of ongoing classes for high school students on Outschool.

You can find the Outschool website for the classes I teach here: https://outschool.com/teachers/Matt-Crevin

Also, I’ve been working on the follow up to my first book (“Get in the Game”, 2012, which is available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Get-Game-Ultimate-Transition-College/dp/0985434600/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=get+in+the+game&qid=1604437908&sr=8-8  and it should be ready for release in the coming months.   Stay tuned for more info soon!

And of course my live workshops as well as my private 1:1 coaching are being delivered virtually until we can gather in groups safely.

Here is a quick summary of Talk Shop:

Is there a 21st century skill more important than the ability to effectively communicate face to face?

We need to connect and interact socially now more than ever.  And when its safe to connect face to face, that’s even better!  So many are scrambling to adjust and how to fill their days in positive and productive ways.

– It’s never a bad time to improve communication habits

-There are numerous cancellations all around us…CONVERSATIONS should never be cancelled!

-CONVERSATIONS are pivotal in our day to day relationships at home, at school, and in the real work world.

I am confident the insight I deliver is an absolute game-changer for todays high school and college students and I am as committed as ever to my mission.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to explore any of the Talk Shop programs, I welcome the opportunity to set a day and time to talk live.  I sincerely appreciate you being receptive to my mission of being of service to todays high school and college students.  By sharing this message on your social media network as well as to 4 to 5 of your personal contacts will truly make a difference.

With gratitude!



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