Screens and apps have created a high level of apprehension around having “real” conversations.

Every year high school and college students are on a epic journey that presents countless unique opportunities and challenges. Our TalkShop™ workshop helps students develop and implement communication strategies that will not only improve their academic performance but also their lifelong social skills. Learning how to communicate with clarity, brevity and impact – then turning around and leveraging those skills in their day to day lives – these are a few of the key tools that students will walk away with.

Countless research has demonstrated that teens these days often have ineffective interpersonal communication patterns – and looking ahead, it’s usually one of the top 2 to 3 skills hiring managers look for and list on job openings.

Effective communication skills are the most critical piece of social development. Real, genuine human connection is the key to personal and professional success. The ability to formulate an idea and articulate it in such a way that others can understand it is essential, not just for achieving professional or academic success, but for simply being able to interact with people on a daily basis. Countless research has demonstrated that students often have ineffective interpersonal communication patterns and fear face to face interaction – especially having a hard or difficult conversation.

Talk Shop Solution

Developing effective communication sills so students can become clear, concise and confident communicators regardless of the situation or setting .

Our workshop leads high school and college students, through the ultimate “workshop of talk.”   With the LLC methodology (Listen , Learn, then Communicate) , We will effectively teach them how to communicate clearly and coherently, the art of listening and giving and receiving feedback, and how the integral role of their unique personal brand they build plays in the success of their relationships now and in the future.

To give students the competitive advantage they will need to represent the biggest brand of all, THEMSELVES.  They will learn how to have conversations that are effective in any setting, that are impactful and memorable.

Who is this for?

Whether you are in high school or college, or you never went to high school and are looking to break into the workforce.  Great, then this workshop series is for you! (separate workshops for high school students and college students).

From birth to college, communication within a family grows. Adolescent growing pains and the ubiquitous nature of social and streaming media have combined in a way that challenges the development of strong communication skills during a time when interpersonal skills are imperative. Bottom line: effective communication skills and conversations are needed now more than ever!

Give your students the gift of self-assurance and watch them reap the success that comes with real world communication skills.

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