If you look over most job descriptions, you will see how high on the list communication skills are.  Quick question:  Is there any 21st century life skill more important than being able to sustain confident, coherent face-to-face conversations?  Are today’s high school students truly college and career ready with this pivotal life skill? It seems now more than ever that the gap in interpersonal communication skills in today’s youth is massive.  In the ever changing world of apps, devices and screens, the skill of having a face-to-face conversation is a lost art, yet it is so very important.

For today’s students that are looking ahead, the ability to communicate effectively is essential, no matter what college they want to go to or what career or industry they want be in. They need to be able to communicate effectively with peers, teachers, employees, managers and customers in-person.  Talk Shop is designed specifically to motivate and empower students to become impactful communicators, under any situation and in all facets of their lives.

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